Resin Prints.4

Have yet to upload a portfolio piece for this sculpt yet, but could not wait to start test prints to see how it looks. Started with a small solid version, then scaled up 500% and hollowed the big boy out. I also got a wash/cure station, and that is why there is visible white kind of 'gunk' on the larger one... I overcured it, but in a way I like it better lookin this way, gives it character :)


Resin Prints.3

Getting through a bulk of my creepy sculpts from Nekro-land, this addition is a flesh beast that was originally inspired from v2 midjourney imagining using various Kentaro Miura stylings, here is the original render...

Lots of more physical problems with this print, initially created a small solid version that almost came out perfect minus some adhesion issues when it was near completion, and *lots* of small crevices in which the resin just wasn't curing and I couldn't reach it with any tools, thought I could use bare hands to get in some areas.. ya, that works, [do not ever bare hands handle fresh resin prints or wet prints] but contact dermatitis isn't fun or healthy lol.

Not being deterred by some irritated skin I waited a couple days hollowed out my model, added some drain holes, supports, and sliced 'er up. Printed this out overnight and it did manage to come out perfect--it's about 2.5x scale as my original print.


Resin Prints.2

After a somewhat successful print, I let hubris get the best of me and tried a more difficult one... Hollowed it out, this time put some drain holes because in the previous print I learned uncured resin definitely gets trapped inside the hollowed models and can cause... issues, long term with model stability.
I'm not sure what exactly caused the failed area of this print, the rest of it looks great but somehow the lower torso got messed up adhering to the legs causing a 'shearing' effect to happen, causing the bottom half to be detached--and somehow it corrected itself and printed the rest of it no problem. After semi-failed print I scaled down the model a tad and printed this out as a full structure, not hollow. Came out perfect.


Resin Prints.1

After doing a handful of calibration prints to make sure everything checked out, i began printing one of my own models, hollowed it out, sliced it, and started print. It looked great from the vat until I scraped it off the next morning and noticed there was some issue curing a portion of a starting layer which eventually corrected itself--here are some photos of da boi

Notes; i did not put a drain hole in this model, ignorance is bliss :). this led to me poking a hole in an unstable portion of the model filling it with water, and draining it repeatedly until it was cleaned out. Although the print is technically a failure, im considering it a success all things considered.


Kordycinekrilia Parasitica.2

Kordycinekrilia Parasitica - (cordycep/nekromorf/parasite)

Origin: Arctic Methane Sinkholes

4 classes of 'Nekroles' with 3 grades of each, increasing of complexity as grades increase.

Micro +++
Macro +++
Invasive +++
Symbiotic +++

Nekrole; (sinkhole/nekhole/nekROLE)
any area with Kordycinekrilia Parasitica spawning occuring

Nekroles can be multi-class and can be categorized as such, contradictions also are possible.

Micro Invasive
Macro Symbiotic
Symbiotic Invasive
Invasive Symbiotic

Spontaneous biome adaptation has also been noted to happen in timespans as small as 8 hours.

Some areas of geological influence are stable although it seems to appear that almost all Kordycinekrilia Parasitica colonies goal is to reach full envrinomental assimilation and control.
in worst case scenario a nekrole is allowed to progress to Grade 3 in all known areas of progress and what usually is some kind of malformed glump abberation with primitive brain functions, at minimum,
can and will emerge, when that happens the categorization becomes a full on necrotic morphology monstrosity and a scientific marvel, nekromorf.

Environmental Symptoms;

usual bodies of water tinting in hues closer to crimson or golden spontaneously
gelataneous bubbles on liquid surface "Blod Bubbla"
oozing earth "Bleeding Earth"
drunken forests (large scale)
peat bogs that *crunch*
frozen 'dripping' mushrooms that appear to have icicles coming off of them.

Upon noticing symptoms onlookers can often confirm for themselves if a nekrole is underdevelopment. The base species that causes much, if not all of the environmental changes/mutations can be easily spotted
in areas of terrain depression/sinking where fungus and bacteria will thrive. Once a sinkhole has developed this triggers massive amounts of spore release from the mushrooms, which have spores that are designed to 'sink' if below a certain elevation
and temperature, ensuring more than effecient propagation among the newly formed hole. Colony growth is dependent on substrate and temperature, because the methane exhaust emitting through permafrost cracks causes a warming to occur, the deeper these
nekroles go, the warmer it is, allowing for exponential development and growth.

Theories have been suggested that a perhaps undiscovered species of animal may have been infected with this 'plague' and died off in the permafrost, being dormant up until methane warmed the surrounding areas and venting occured.

Witnesses report that sporing events are easily confused with localized blizzards or light snowfall, often leaving many people to exposure of inhalation, which has no apparant short-term or long-term health effects?

A major double edged sword that has occured within the science community is that these holes are going quite deep, very rapidly, revealing and confirming much of what science has speculated, but allowing some rediscoveries of species coinsiding with others at periods of time previously impossible,
while at the same time major decomposition is occuring on all the evidence--this has caused a sort of gold rush in some communities of thought.

Exotic Species;

4 known mega-fauna mutations have been found in remote ghost towns across the globe

mines of america(ore gorger)
sinkholes of mexico(torrent of vicsera)
permafrost crevice (leads to entire sub-layer biome created by mega fauna)
great escarpment in south africa (apex predator, more dangerous than the rest)

exotic species of mega fauna have adopted the name of 'angels'in a sinister context.


Kordycinekrilia Parasitica

brainstorming ideas and world building for the monsters and things that come out of my mind. blog posts will probably be more akin to journal posts or sketchbooking, enjoy

I think I figured out an origin point for all the nekro stuff im making, like world building wise so natural sinkohles in the arctic, they are happening more and occur because they are on some kind of micro-fault line that doesnt involve any of the tectonic plates but has alot of geological activity happening on it, shifting etc. Ok, that shifting causes small fractures in permafrost which like all cracks/fractures they just keep expanding and becoming larger, more break off points etc. We have fossil fuels under that permafrost that would otherwise be trapped and not released, those fractures allow methane to be released, heats up the permafrost creating thermal chimneys allowing more and more methane to come out thats all real science fast forward to my own speculative sci fi future, entire forests and areas have been completely submersed under either water or in bog type conditions, the poles are basically giant sink holes that look like craters. bunch of climate change crazy weather happens cuz of mass amounts of methane heating globe, our planet is actually coming out of an ice age, so its gonna heat up anyhow(real science) kind of take a 'thing' approach and a primodrial fungi (nekro fungi) doesnt exist in the permafrost but it's a new species that is created through modern waste slurry mixing with ancient decay the end game for all of it is humans are replaced or assimilated or some other incredibly dark fate