Metal Gear Batou

Kris hyde city dive5 good

Rendered in Blender Eevee, concept art for 'Metal Gear Batou' amidst the rooftops of a familiar urban setting.

Kris hyde stoop king noir 00000

Rendered in Blender Octane composited in After Effects. 'Stoop King' dude just chillin on his stoop bein a stoop king.

Kris hyde problems with doors1

Rendered in Blender Eevee, environment created with Boxcutter +HardOps in 2.8.

'Problems with doors' Ol dude can't open up the sci fi door, it probably doesn't even open.

Blender Eevee baking tests, baked down substance painter textures in octane to test in Eevee for game readiness.

Cinema4D + Octane render, cruising out on the hoverboard.

Mindlessly swiping through a touch screen device

This whole project started with wanting to model a cool hard surface helm--dug around a lot for concept work and finally settled on 'Ninja' from Metal Gear, was honestly my first real attempt at creating an asset like this from just poly modeling--moderate amount of frustration but the end result was worth. The helmet was also textured in Substance Painter with various grunge masks/edge wears.

The body was originally a base mesh that was a polygon soup of topology, which required retopo, or at least my amateur understanding of it. Seperated the good bits, tagged materials, applied materials, then baked.