Northern Exposure / Cold Feet Warm House

Kris hyde northern exposure

'Northern Exposure'

Kris hyde cold feet warm house surreal

'Cold Feet Warm House'

Kris hyde 2

Cropped out focal

Kris hyde cold feet warm house 00000


An isolated Nordic forest with very few settlements, if you look almost dead center you can see a man walking back home. This was inspired by some photos my sister has sent me of Northern Sweden throughout the year.These renders were created using a custom megascan mix for the floor, along with C4D+Octane and the Forester plugin to setup the environment.

A separate angle reveals a lone log cabin in which a bare foot man tries to return home. How'd he lose his shoes n socks, though? The original render for 1920x1080 was only a 1024x1024, thanks to some photoshop/after effects magic this surreal/mirrored landscape emerges with a strong focal point.