Bulky Physique -- Sci-fi Armor Plating

Sketchfab viewer

Marmoset viewer

Kris hyde screenshot000

Marmoset Render, close up visor/torso perspective.

Kris hyde screenshot001

back perspective.

Kris hyde screenshot002

front perspective.

Kris hyde screenshot003

Testing out different lighting/color grading, marmoset render

Kris hyde screenshot2

upper leg decals

Kris hyde screenshot004

back street perspective.

Kris hyde screenshot4

flat color background, front angle.

Kris hyde screenshot005

close up of leg decals

Kris hyde screenshot006

probably the best looking close up render, taken from marmoset

Kris hyde cycles1

Fitted and modeled for bulky frame characters. Cycles render

Kris hyde angled ortho

Angled ortho view

Kris hyde front ortho

Front Ortho

Kris hyde back ortho

Back Ortho

Kris hyde side ortho

Side Ortho

First project finished since Sculpt January :). This was created entirely in zbrush with many renders in various engines. An exercise in hard surface armor plating/anatomy. Each started as one big blob of concept sculpt, refined into polygroups then sectioned off into their own subtools for further refinement.

Using Blender for the unwrapping (still not familiar with zbrush enough to do UVs) and final merging of the mesh it was then exported FBX then shot into substance painter for some texturing ;)

On top of being an exercise from concept to realization this also happened to flex the texturing/rendering/lighting muscles as well. Lots of time spent experimenting with various HDRIs and light setups, focal lengths, yada yada.