Sculpt Janaury 2019

Kris hyde 1 deep sea

Did this one 5 days in, not the first day :(

Blender sculpt, substance painter materials and iRay render, post processed in photoshop.

Kris hyde 2 delight

My actual day one sculpt, basic materials / features. Blender sculpt, eevee render.

Kris hyde 3 chest
Kris hyde 4 rotten

Courage the cowardly dog :O

Blender sculpt, eevee vertex color render.

Kris hyde 5 spherical

Sci fi little robot orb.

Kris hyde 6 tiny

Attempt at a mushroom

Blender Sculpt, octane render.

Kris hyde 7 speed

Hermes' Talaria

Blender sculpt, materials in substance and iRay render.

Kris hyde 8 jekyll and hyde2

Blender sculpt, work bench render to the left and materials in substance + iray render

Kris hyde 9 rage
Kris hyde 10 beard
Kris hyde 11 liquid

Blender metaball/physics simulation+sculpt, octane render

Kris hyde 12 stx

Blender sculpt, eevee + cycles renders.

Kris hyde 13 empty

Blender sculpt, and a post processed render from blender eevee.

Kris hyde 14 flexing

Quads' Flexin'

Blender Sculpt and cycles render.

Kris hyde 15 hybrid beast

Scorpio/Saggitarius original concept by a friend, ended up just taking the arrows and fusing it with the scorpion.

Sculpted, Rigged, and cycles render in blender. Materials in substance painter.

Kris hyde 16 melancholy

Blender sculpt, eevee + workbench render

Kris hyde 17 hand pose
Kris hyde 18 damaged
Kris hyde 19 obscure
Kris hyde 20 split

Started using zbrush with this one :)

Kris hyde 21 pressure

Frozen pipes bursting.

Blender sculpt, wasnt fully comfortable in zbrush yet.

Kris hyde 22 jungle beast

Jungle Troll

Base mesh built in blender, rest was zbrush.

Kris hyde 23 insanity

Full zbrush sculpt, blender cycles render.

Kris hyde 24 fat

he's had one too many salisbury steaks...

Zbrush sculpt, cycles render in the center, eevee render top left.

Kris hyde 25 healing

An Ankh symbolizing healing, reincarnation.

Kris hyde 26 ornament

Fusion, ha!

Kris hyde 27 delicate

Lily of the Valley

Kris hyde 28 smooth


Kris hyde 29 harpy

hoh boy, spent way too long on this one. Learned a little bit on nano mesh in Zbrush though!

Kris hyde 30 pride

Trophies' of a prideful lion pride D:

Kris hyde 31 extreme expression

Kinda lookin like buzz lightyear.

Will have a full descript + raw renders when the month is over, stay tuned!