EZVIEWER - Helm of the Future Sage

Marmoset Viewer

Kris hyde far seer pass edit

Added bunch of wires + fooled around with a couple render passes. Rendered with Octane.

Kris hyde need more ram

Overall look inspired by Borderlands.

REALLY playing around with render passes / overall composition. Posted on my instagram as well


Kris hyde beauty

Orthographic beauty still, rendered in Octane.

Kris hyde diff

Diffuse filter pass in OCtane Render.

Kris hyde wip1


Concept to the left, poly to the right.

Kris hyde wip2


Concept Left, poly right.

Really trying to improve my concept sculpting + retopo / hard surface modeling. Partially used HardOps, still haven't quite got the full utility out of it.

this one has a purpose as a dimensional viewer allowing the wearer to tune into different frequencies displaying the result in one of the 6 eyes/viewport.

Concept Sculpt+Poly Model created in Blender 2.8 and material created/painted in Substance Painter.

Total work time ~20hours