Lords of Wormwood - Oh, God

Lords of Wormwood - Oh, God (Full Video)

Running Fog

Heat Warp



Tree Fire2

Tree Fire4

Tree Fire3

Tree Fire

Still Animated2


Jesus Cross Pan#1

Jesus Cross Pan2

Jesus Cross Pan3

A full music video commission for, 'Lords of Wormwood' whom I've done previous work for. The entire music video was created in 3D with 0 'real' video footage. A majority of the shots were rendered out in Unreal Engine 4.21, I had tried rendering with octane but it just took far too long. The main challenge while making this was having Mother Mary's eyes to have blood run down them--something i've never attempted before. Using x-particles it was moderately quick to setup a basic fluid-type simulation and render it out in Octane C4D. Total project time was about 3-4 nights of work.