Nugumi (Horror Sci-Fi Character Concept)

'Fully Wired' The finished headgear, very high poly--load warning.

Portion of the full headgear, inspired by ghost in the shell.

A lightweight type exo-suit meant for maximum mobility with machines to enhance existing muscle strength.

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Data Drinkers

Glitch Loop


Trapt in the Shell

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Nugumi is an older / middle-aged man that grew up during the boom of augmented reality and VR. His partner is long past gone and any family too. With a dependency on being 'wired' from adolescence Nugumi now faces the science fiction reality of being trapped in a simulation while his physical body is on auto-pilot.

Found wandering in a local park he was apprehended under the pretense 'disturbing the peace' and later located to a psych ward to live out the rest of his days in a stasis of sorts with tests constantly being ran in order to understand the condition developed during adolescence and how to treat/prevent the growing number of organics who are victim to this issue.